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Clifton Methodist Church, Rivergreen, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 8AU



Our History

Volume 1 Volume 2

The below buttons will allow you to download 2 documents which describe out history.

Volume 1: Key to the Door - 1954: 1975

Volume 2: And So It Was - 1975: 2000

Rev James Jackson

~ June 1954


Rev Clifford Bell

Sept 1956

Sept 1962

Rev Frank Godfrey

Sept 1962

Sept 1967

Rev William Barrett

Sept 1967

Sept 1971

Rev Gordon Squires

Sept 1971

Aug 1976

Rev Roger Moore

Sept 1976

Aug 1979

Rev Fraser Smith

Aug 1979

Apr 1980

Cyril Copley

Apr 1980

Oct 1981

Rev Robert Stone

Oct 1981

Aug 1987

Rev Andrew Howarth

Sept 1987

Sept 1992

Rev Phil Summers

Sept 1992

Sept 1998

Rev Nick Baker

Sept 1998

Sept 2001

Rev Brian Spencer

Sept 2001

Aug 2010

Rev Paul Hill

Sept 2010

Aug 2016

Rev Rach Ward

Sept 2016

Aug 2019

Rev Simon Rose

Sept 2019


How we work

Clifton Methodist Church is a part of the Nottingham & Derby Methodist District and the majority of our work is supported by the Circuit & District.

However, independent decision made by the church are split between the church council and the leadership team.

The Leadership team is made up of 5 individuals who manage the church for example,   the minister and stewards. Who are appointed by church council. The leadership team made decisions that need immediate action but does not require whole church approval.

Church council is a meeting of the whole congregation. Typically meeting twice over the year, the purpose of the church council is to make decisions which may have a big impact on the church.